List of Foods to Keep Out Your Garbage Disposal

Whether you are the one assigned in cooking or preparation for the holiday family dinner this year, or either you are bringing the leftovers from your relative's holiday party to work -- you need to recognize what holiday food can not be put in your kitchen area garbage disposal.

Right here are some lists of the foods to keep out of your cooking area sink.

Make sure that you’re not just cooking great meals, but also disposing all the stuff you used up for cooking.

Holiday Ham and Beef Brisket

Meat and also meat bones will certainly hurt your disposal. When a meat bone is washed down your sink, it can get stuck in between your kitchen sink’s blades. If this happens, you will be needing a replacement for your new garbage disposal.

Stuffing and Potatoes

When water mixes with starches, such as potatoes, bread, as well as rice, the starch will increase. When a starch locates its method down your disposal, it will expand until a huge blockage obstructs water flow in your piping. High starch foods turn into a paste, clumping together. Prevent drain blockages by maintaining your holiday starches out of your sink! That includes potato peels. I know that everyone likes peeling their potatoes right into your sink because it’s much easier to clean up; however, if a peel slips into your drain, it can gather in your drain trap, ruining your kitchen pipes.

Make sure all starches are prepared over your garbage and disposed appropriately to avoid a drain pipe blockage.

Grease, Oil, as other Fats

All that excess oil used for cooking can not go down your kitchen sink. When oils and other oil based compounds, such as salad dressing and sauce, are washed down your kitchen area sink, they coat your pipelines, it becomes sticky, and grab onto succeeding things coming down your drain. All of your excess oils must be tossed right into your trash.


The vegetables used for your side recipes are the least harmful recipes of the holiday season! That is for our waists, not our drains. Coarse vegetables, such as green beans, spinach, as well as eggplants, come to be fibrous when shredded at the hand of your disposal.

Fruit Pits Used for Desserts

Peach pie and apple pie are all over this holiday season! Simply make sure you keep your fruit pits out of your disposal when preparing your pie. Fruit pits are too tough for your disposal to cut down, and also your disposal's blades can break or crack.

Coffee Grounds

A nice warm pot of coffee at the end of a dinner event, or mid-day in the office after a few days of rest, is coveted. The one vital point to remember below involves the coffee grounds. When damp, coffee grounds form together. If you place coffee grounds down your disposal, at home or at the office, you will trigger a blockage. You will certainly need expert drainpipe cleansing to recover proper water circulation in your affected pipe.