What Window Treatments are In Style In 2021?

Window treatments are both functional and decorative in nature. They protect against UV rays from entering your home as well as limiting the amount of sunlight that gets through while completing the look and aesthetics of your home.

The type of window treatment used in a house can greatly affect the layout and how the house functions. Window treatments come in all shapes, sizes, and purposes. Shades, drapes, shutters, blinds, and curtains have all been used for decades and what type is used depends on what is currently trending.


Purpose of Window Treatments

Regulation of UV Rays and Sunlight

You are much more aware of the effects of the sun when you're out and about but you never think that the UV rays can get to you when you're inside your home. Too much exposure to UV rays can cause serious health problems that's why the right window treatment will limit the amount that gets into your home.

Your furniture and flooring will also thank you for installing the right treatment because sunlight also negatively affects them by fading colors on wood, leather, and paint.


With glasshouses trending in the real estate market right now, privacy is important. It may look amazing during the day but at night your home will be like a fishbowl anyone within a mile radius can see into. The right window treatments give you the flexibility to decide when you want to soak in the view and when you want to keep nosy neighbors from spying on you.


In the age where everything in our lives has to be somewhat aesthetic, our homes also need to look the part. The right way your windows are designed can make or break the aesthetic you want to achieve.


Types of Window Treatments

There are three main categories of window treatments – Aesthetics, Blocking, and Thermal.

Aesthetic Window Treatments

These are designed to please the eyes. These window treatments can be switched out based on the whim of the homeowner when you want to change the look of your home.

Blocking Window Treatments

This type has a more functional purpose than the aforementioned one. Blocking window treatments are designed to limit the amount of UV rays and sunlight that gets into your home in order to protect you and those in your household.

Thermal Window Treatments

Window coverings can reduce energy loss through the windows, lower heating and cooling bills, and improve home comfort. Depending on where you live, the right window treatments can make a huge difference in your energy consumption costs. You could also contact your local residential electrician or speak to them the next time you have a need for one and ask them about other ways you can reduce your energy bill, by using smart home devices as an example.


What Window Treatments are in Style for 2021?

The following treatments are currently trendy based on the opinion of interior designers and window treatment experts:

Roman and Roller Shades

Roman shades are a classic choice that is both functional and looks good in a modern home. The clean lines of these shades provide privacy but also lets some natural light in to give the room a homier feel to the space.

Shutters and Blinds

Shutters add character to a room. They have a distinct look to them and are easy to operate. Usually made of wood or some faux variation, you can choose different types of shutters that can control the light coming in and even insulate to control temperature. The only problem with shutters is their inability to handle moisture which causes warping and discoloration.

Blinds are popular options for apartments and condo units because of the ease of installation and their compatibility with most design concepts. Blinds can also be horizontal, vertical, corded, cordless, or even motorized.


Modern homes also come with some home automation features that can be highly appreciated. One of these features are smart window treatments. Motorized blinds can be controlled through a device on a remote basis. 

Infusing technology with your window treatments just doesn't add to the aesthetic but also increases the safety of those within your home. Studies have shown that the use of this technology has decreased window-blinds-related injuries among children and pets.

Environmentally friendly materials

As the concern for the well-being of our planet's future increases, people are calling out to manufacturers to use recycled materials and they have gladly answered the call by repurposing old wood and using ocean plastic waste to create beautiful window treatments.

Having window treatments that are made up of eco-friendly materials will not only make your home look good but will also make you feel good about your environmental responsibility.

Softer colors

Gone are the days when people wanted neon green or pink shades or floral-patterned curtains. For the year 2021, softer and muted colors are preferred. Light grays, browns, and pastel colors are in trend and being used in homes all across the globe for the versatility they offer from a design standpoint and adhering to the minimalistic ways the younger generation strives to be.


Whatever window treatments you choose is entirely up to you. It has to fit in with your wants and needs. It might not be trendy but at the end of the day, it is you that always has to look at it. The list of trendy treatments above can serve as inspiration for you in designing your home.